with Tamar Broadbent


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Do you want to be able to pull ideas from an opening and use them to initiate scenes? Do you fancy yourself as having a ‘writer’s brain’ and want to channel that to make your scenes even stronger? Do you want your improv scenes to look like masterful comedy sketches?!

Workshop description:

In this two-day workshop, Tamar will introduce you to the core components of premise improv. You’ll learn how to pull an idea from a monologue and use it to initiate an improv scene, how to discover and play game with your scene partner, how to invest in the choices you and your partner make and maximise their potential and how to play believable, committed characters that you could see in a sitcom!

About Tamar Broadbent

Tamar Broadbent

Tamar has worked as a main stage performer at the renowned improv comedy theatre Boom Chicago. She performed long form (game-based and narrative), short form and musical improv five nights a week, and wrote sketches, stand up and songs for the theatre.

Prior to that, Tamar trained in improv at the Free Association in London, where she was on the house Harold Team My Brother, Jose. Tamar has taught improv with Boom Chicago and the Free Association and has facilitated improv workshops in the corporate world, helping teams improve their creative communication, presentation skills and more.