Do you want to do some improv?

We are organizing roughly biweekly open sessions – everyone with some Improv experience is welcome.

Change of plans due to COVID19.

We are cancelling all Thursday sessions until further notice. We will send an announcement email to the improv-zurich mailing group as soon as we know when we can resume them.

How to join?

  1. Join our mailing group improv-zurich.
  2. Introduce yourself informally. A “Hi” is fine, but you can go fancy ;)
  3. Check for emails to make sure the session is happening.
  4. Show up.

Where is it?

Kindertreff Viadukt (look for the place with number …16)

How much does it cost?

Payment is absolutely optional. That said, we appreciate donations towards the room rent from everyone who can afford it and enjoys the session – e.g. CHF 10.

We might change this if this doesn’t work out but so far it is looking good.

When is it?

The sessions take place from 19:00 until 21:30.

Please make sure that we sent an email announcing that the session will take place.